New Features

More performance, more compatibility

LibreOffice 7.3 is our latest major release, with a strong focus on document compatibility. But it has many new features too – check out this video for an overview, and then scroll down for more details...

Better collaboration

Sharing documents and edits with other users? LibreOffice 7.3's change tracking features have been enhanced, to make modifications more clear. You can now easily identify when whole paragraphs have been moved.

Work faster in Calc

When you're working with spreadsheets, the new Bash-like autocompletion feature helps you to input data in a snap.

Barcodes and borders

You can now insert barcodes into your documents with just a few clicks (QR codes are also supported), while border line widths have been unified throughout the suite.

Further details

For a full list of new features in LibreOffice 7.3, see our release notes.

LibreOffice is Free Software that would not be possible without The Document Foundation and its volunteer contributors. For this release we would particularly like to thank the developers listed for their tremendous work and effort inside our release notes. You can contribute to the LibreOffice and Document Liberation Project as well – see how you can get involved.