New Features

Styles for comments • Row/column highlighting in Calc • Options dialog search field

LibreOffice 24.2 is our latest major release, with a new "year.month" version scheme and many new features.

Styles for comments

Comments can now use styles. This makes it easier to modify the formatting of all comments at once, or to visually categorise different types of comments.

Row/column highlighting in Calc

You can now highlight the row and column for the active cell. Enable this feature via Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ View, or through the menu entry View ▸ Column/Row Highlighting.

Options dialog search field

In the Tools ▸ Options dialog box, we've added a search feature to help you find options more quickly.

And much more

Save AutoRecovery information" is turned on by default • Navigator: hidden headings are now greyed out • Improved multi-page floating table support • New search field in Calc's Functions sidebar deck • Small caps in Impress • Formula font in Math can now be changed

For a full list of new features in LibreOffice 24.2, see our release notes.

LibreOffice is Free Software that would not be possible without The Document Foundation and its volunteer contributors. For this release we would particularly like to thank the developers listed for their tremendous work and effort inside our release notes. You can contribute to the LibreOffice and Document Liberation Project as well – see how you can get involved.