Before starting the installation process, check the System Requirements page for the prerequisites for installing LibreOffice on a Windows system.

Enterprise and government users: please check the deployment and migration information page.

You do not have to uninstall any previously installed version of LibreOffice. If you do have an existing installation of LibreOffice, all your preferences will be preserved and that old installation will simply be overwritten.


1. Main Program

1.1 Download

If you are unsure which Windows version you have, press ⊞ Win+Pause to open your system properties window. The LibreOffice Main Installer download page can be selected with a built-in help file for your language:

Click the green button with white writing which says “DOWNLOAD VERSION”. If the download does not automatically begin, click ‘Save File’. You are invited to give an optional donation.

Save download

1.2 Install

Open the folder where the Main Installer has been downloaded and double-click on the Installer.

LibreOffice Windows Installer

1.3 Welcome

The Installation Wizard Welcome dialog box opens advising that the installation process is about to be started. Click “Next >”

Welcome | Installation Wizard

1.4 Setup Type

Another dialog box opens, giving you a choice whether you want a default installation, or whether you want to choose special locations and components. If you want a default installation, just press “Next >”. If you want to make special choices, click on “Custom” and then press “Next >”.

Setup Type | Installation Wizard

1.5 Custom Setup

The Custom Setup enables changes to the features that will be installed.

Custom Setup | Installation Wizard

If you would like to install the spelling dictionaries, hyphenation rules, thesauri and grammar checkers:

  • Click Expand Optional Components
  • Click Expand Dictionaries

For instance, to install Hungarian, ensure that Hungarian has to its left the picture and “This feature will be installed on the local hard drive.”

Hungarian spelling dictionary, hyphenation rules, thesaurus, and grammar checker | Installation Wizard

Once all required changes to the features have been completed, click “Next >”

1.6 File Type

Another dialog box opens, inviting you to choose whether to open Microsoft Office documents with LibreOffice. By default, this feature is not enabled. If you want LibreOffice to open Microsoft Office files (documents, spreadsheets and presentations), put a checkmark in all four checkboxes.

File Type | Installation Wizard

Click “Next >”

1.7 Shortcut and Load during system startup

Ready to Install | Installation Wizard

Another dialog box opens, asking you whether:

  • A shortcut to open LibreOffice should be placed on your desktop. The default option is to create a shortcut.
  • To load LibreOffice during system start-up.

After your selection press “Install”.

1.8 LibreOffice is Installing

If the User Account Control dialog shows, click “Yes” to continue the installation.

User Account Control

Installing LibreOffice

1.9 LibreOffice Installation Completed

LibreOffice Installation Complete

Click “Finish”.


2. Built-in Help

If you would like to use the built-in help, you will need to download and install the appropriate file.

The LibreOffice built-in help for your language can be selected by:

If you are unsure which Windows version you have, press ⊞ Win+Pause to open your system properties window.